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My name is Aaron Proffitt. I am a child of God. A husband to Ashlee. A dad to 4 children (3 of them living). And a church planter and preaching pastor. All in that order.

I am most passionate about Jesus, my wife, my kids, and ministry but I also love basketball, fitness, food, fashion, and traveling.

One of my greatest passions in life is to see my children grow up to know and love Jesus so I have spent the better part of nine years now creating and cultivating that in my home. And now I want to expand on this vision by helping other parents do the same.



Andrew made Aaron a dad just in time for Father’s Day, 2007. He is an avid reader and once (as a 7 year old) read the entire Chronicles of Narnia saga (over 700 pages) during a spring break. He loves basketball like his daddy. He also loves legos, nerf guns, hotels, campers, boats, jets, and jeeps with big lifts. His aspirations include playing in the nba, becoming a spy, and preaching the Bible (all at the same time).



Born on October 8, 2008 (cute and pensive), Aaden was just with us on this earth for a few short weeks before he passed away to be with Jesus on November 15, 2008. He made an indelible mark on all of our lives and continues to influence the Proffitt family even today in his absence. His short life and tragic death are the biggest ways we have seen, felt, and experienced the love of God. We miss him and long to be with him again in eternity.



Asher’s name means happy and blessed in Hebrew and that is exactly how he makes the Proffitt family feel. Born in 2010, this kid has brought so much joy to the family. He has a massive work ethic and gets the most out of life. He is most passionate about legos and became a master builder at the tender age of two thanks to his big brother’s enjoyment of legos. Asher loves to make things and always seems to be working on some sort of project that involves cardboard, paper, scissors, tape, staples, and markers. Like Andrew, he also desires to be a spy and a Bible preacher when he grows up.



Adelee came into the world in 2012 when her mom and dad had almost lost all hope for ever having a little girl. She is fiery and feisty but at the same time so full of life, love, and joy. Her constant dancing and made-up songs provide endless entertainment for the entire family. She loves her baby dolls and one can find her in constant conversations with them. She also has the greatest fashion sense and as a two-year old understood colors, patterns, and trends. In fact, her dad frequently consults with her about his outfit choices. She truly is a wonderful and beautiful  gift to the Proffitt family.